Ryan Cline Arrest, Past Life, Story, Case Report Everything you need to know

Purdue's team member Ryan Cline is a cold-blooded warrior, he proved it time and again in the field, but did you know he was arrested for possession of drugs on 2016. According to a report by The Journal, he said, "I couldn't handle the pressure".

How Ryan Cline got Arrested!

On June 27 of 2016, a case was registered against Ryan for willingly possessing marijuana for consumption. The print copy of the case report can be found below:

Ryan Cline's Arrest Story:

At 9:53 a.m. on June 27th, 2016, a Hamilton County Sheriff said to us: Cline was behind the wheel, unresponsive with his foot on the accelerator revving the engine. He had to break the window glass to get hold of felon Ryan Cline.
After that night when we interviewed him, Ryan said: “I was doing bad things with worse people,".
Yet when Cline looks back on June 27, 2016, he calls it "the best thing that ever happened to me." No one lost their life that night, but the old Ryan Cline died. The new Ryan Cline buried him next to the influences which nearly deprived him of the life he has now — content, confident and excited to have helped lift Purdue back into Big Ten championship contention.


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