Kevin Ott, out of prison after 23 years

Kevin ott released out of Oklahoma prison after 23 years thanks to a documentary released with the help of his mom. He was serving prison for more than 23 years. A long wait comes to an end - Says his mom.

Kevin ott an Oklahoma resident who was serving a life sentence under OH 3 strike law was released on 9th of August 2019. Betty Chism his mom who is 75 is still prepared for a 2-hour drive to pick her son out of prison. 

From Kevin Ott in prison documentary
From Kevin Ott in prison documentary

How Kevin Ott got arrested - the Whole story

During 1996 when selling drugs for young kids was still a fashion and an easy way to earn some quick bucks. Kevin was involved in a drug racket.
He was then 33, and being one of the senior members of the gang he was sentenced for life (in accordance with non-violent drug charges). But the clause was a little different and was not to be granted parole for rest of his life.

Oklahoma being the prison capital of the states, Ott became a victim of 3 strike law. According to which he was to be given 3 life sentence one after another without parole. If you consider Oklahoma prisoners count it's larger than any state in the United States, And in fact much much bigger than any country in the world.

Oklahomas prison record compared to rest of the world

View Kevin Ott's documentary

In the above video, he says he will be in there until he dies, for being caught with 3 ounces of Meth. Nothing can be more frustrating to know that there is no one to hear for you, Life without parole.

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