List Of Inmate Visitation Application Forms - State Wise

Do you have a friend or family member in prison! Are you planning on visiting him/her? Confused about how to apply for a visit! Below resources will help you in getting started. The very first step for your visitation is getting the application done. You have reached the right place, below is a complete list of application forms for visitation. From the below table select inmates State of the availing facility. When you click on any state, the application form for that particular state will be downloaded. After you fill up the application you can either send a physical mail or email to the concerned facility. Get required prison information from our prison locator tool.

Getting the visitation application filled - The Right Way

Below pieces of information are always handy when filling out the forms:
  1. Applicants Government ID
  2. Inmates facility name
  3. Tag Id of the inmate
  4. Name of the inmate

How to avoid application rejection!

The most common problem of first-time visitors is getting the visitation application rejected. Below are a few things that can be done to avoid harassment.
  1. Pre-approved visitation: The best way of getting visitation pre-approved by asking your inmate to include you to his visitor list. Mail your inmate right away to do so.
  2. Fill up the right information: Next part is to fill up all the information in the application properly. Almost all prisons would do a background check before allowing visitation.
  3. X Felon Or Convicted Criminal: Out of many reasons this is one of the major ones If you have been a convict, or currently under probation, have a court case, issued warrant etc, Your application will be denied. There is nothing to do in this situation. 
  4. Protective Order on inmate: If the inmate is currently under the protective order from the court your application might be rejected. This is to maintain the security of your inmate.
  5. A previous case of misbehavior during a visit might get your current application rejected.
  6. Disobeying of Visitation rules: At the day of the visit, you should be prepared with the set of rules and regulations to be followed during your visit to the facility. Each facility has its own set of rules, This information can be found on our prison page. Try our prison search.

Download Visitation application form - By State

US Federal BOP's Application Form Alabama
Arizona printable applicationArizona online application
Alaska - Contact Corrections Department Arkansas
California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware - You have to call the particular facility to book appointment
District of Columbia - Online Scheduling Application Florida
Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana - Info can be found here Maine
Michigan Minnesota

Mississippi - Can be approved only by inmate Missouri
Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey - Can be approved only by inmate New Mexico
New York - Direct Visitation (Carry valid Id) North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina (On-site application to be filled) South Dakota
Tennessee Texas - Can be approved only by inmate
Utah Vermont
Virginia appointment website Washington appointment website
West Virginia Wisconsin
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