Felicity Huffman Pleaded guilty - full story (College Admission scandal)

Felicity Kendall Huffman an American actress pleaded guilty in a recent scandal of college admission. She along with Mark Riddell and coaches also pleaded guilty for making admissions without merit.

The story in brief - College admission scandal 2019

Parents and Coaches came forward who were involved in bribing to have someone cheat on their children's ACT or SAT test. This was quite shocking for many, But Few of the parents felt guilty in doing so. Then John Vandemoer, former sailing coach at Stanford University made a statement in the court which made everything clear. He took names big names like:
  • Rick Singer, CEO of The Worldwide Foundation
  • Gregory Abbott, founder, and CEO of International Dispensing Corp.
  • Felicity Huffman
  • Jane Buckingham, CEO of a boutique marketing firm in Los Angeles
  • Rudy Meredith: former women's soccer coach at Yale University
  • Robert Flaxman, CEO of Crown Realty and Development
  • Mark Riddell: a former private school counselor
  • Peter Jan Sartorio: Packaged food entrepreneur from Menlo Park

And many more names. They are all going to jail said the opposition state lawyer.

Many other people pleaded not guilty, who will be summoned for trial later this month.

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