Guide to have a better life after prison

After prison life may seem easy and free, but the most difficult part comes just after. It takes time to heal that bad phase of life. This guide can help you understand after prison psychology of inmates and how to overcome insecurities and get back to life.

inmates life after prison

10 steps to lead a better life after prison

  • Find a home:
    If you don't have a place to stay after prison that will be a challenge initially, for certain days you can avail US inmate middle home facility. Within the grace period, you need to find a place to stay. You can search for a place in rent from Zillow Or Trulia.
  • After Prison Employment services:
    Without a proper job you would be dependant on your family, So getting back to a job helps you heal faster. Job life would definitely give a person the confidence they need to get back to normal life.
    The first step before applying for a job is to get your background records straight.
    First Get your background report, After getting the report you can hire a reputation management company to set your records straight. Few hundred bucks can really help you get back to normal life. Few job portals for x-inmates: Monster,, Zip Recruiter and Career Builder.
  • Support and love from family:
  • Support from your family

    An inmate needs to spend more time with family, Family can help to overcome stressful situations. In a survey conducted by BOPs, it was found that inmates who have family and friends to support had a better after prison life. And fewer chances of getting back to prison.
  • Financial Freedom:
  • Credit repair for inmates

     Get yourself a prepaid credit card for a start, That helps you get some freedom to spend anywhere.
  • Mental Stress: Mental stress is highly common among X-inmates, due to social non-acceptance and low credit rating and fewer job opportunities. To overcome this one must indulge in a job as soon as possible. A job would be an easy way to make most of your time.
  • Consult a Psychiatrist:
    Get your self some professional help from physiatrist and therapists. This would definitely help you recover fast and adapt to society faster.
  • Therapy Session And physiatrist Consultation:
    Some inmates go through a lot of health issues due to severe stress in prison. Get some medical checkup done and also try to get some therapy session for making your body ready for normal living.
  • Join Vocational Free Training Programs:
    Government operates many vocational training programs to improve fellow inmates soft skills, Join one of them to get even better job opportunities.
  • Re-entry Camps and programs: Try to attend various re-entry programs by federal agencies, these programs are very helpful if you lack money and support from family.
  • Prepare yourself for a better life: This point is the most important one. You have to be mentally prepared for living better. You have to learn from past mistakes and try to live abiding the US law. Don't indulge in criminal activities. Limit your friend circle to some positive people.

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